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Common hazards of computer wearing contact lenses

With the increasing popularity of computers, computers today have become the daily Office, entertainment, and family of necessary tools, for people who used computers, especially computer workers, the best little invisible Discount Oakley Sunglasses, or even not to wear contact lenses.

Many people wear contact lenses, computers for a long time, eyes dry, Faze, very uncomfortable. This is because the reduced number of blinks. Now widely used contact lenses are manufactured using polymer materials, oxygen does not work effectively, hindered eyes breathing oxygen directly to some extent so that corneal hypoxia. Plus the computer for an extended period, eye strain, normal people blink more than 20 times per minute, and wearing contact lenses on a computer for a long time, only four or five times the number of blinks per minute.

Combined with unhealthy health habits in the use of stealth Oakley Sunglasses Discount, which can cause keratin, corneal ulcer, eye pain, acrophobia occur, severe cases can also cause spasms of the eyelid and corneal particularization induced by, ultimately affecting vision.

Now working almost can't live without computers, how do you reduce computer on "contact lenses" injuries? Heifer Pure eye hospital expert recommends, for daily are must long time on with computer of "myopia", best also is using has high through oxygen of RGP hard contact lenses, RGP hard corneal contact mirror using special polymer resin material manufacturing, can let air free penetrating, make we of eyes can free breathing fresh of air, to avoid wearing General soft contact lenses by exists of eyes hypoxia problem, not injury corneal, and vision more perfect clear. RGP correction below 2,500 degrees of myopia, in addition to various types of astigmatism correction rules such as astigmatism, irregular astigmatism, and high degree of astigmatism. While to control myopia degrees growth generally, this is a special multifunction of nursing eye lenses, but needs reminded of is, this lenses of inspection enjoy is test depending on light Division of experience, up not to qualification of depending on light Division is easy in enjoy mirror of when appeared problem, led to not necessary of trouble, has needs of friends best is to professional of eye hospital for inspection enjoy Discount Oakleys.

Holiday eye improperly gave birth to "little glasses"

Days holiday, many parents reflect uncontrolled children holidays watching TV, playing computer, cell phones and other electronic products, not paying attention to eye health caused sharp decline in eyesight. Ophthalmology experts caution that winter break, parents should control their children use electronic products, attention to eye health, urge kids stick to do eye exercises.

Each year after the holiday "small spectacle" a significant increase in

Third-grade student’s Xian yen usually love watching TV, from "pleasant goat and gray wolf" to hit the emotional drama and she enjoyed it. "After the school holidays, you sit and watch a morning or an afternoon, tell her to eat still. “Madam Wu Xian yen’s mother said.

Two days before, she found more and more close to the daughter from the TV when watching TV, worried daughter eye damage, MS Wu told daughter away again, daughter replied, "sit far out in sight. “The next day, Wu's daughter, get eye exam with her daughter to the hospital, diagnosed as the result of genuine myopia, hang up the 300-degree Discount Oakley Sunglasses.

Reporter visits found that there are so many situations like Xian yen. Every time after winter vacations, hospital cases of myopia in children would be greatly increased, accounting for 50% per cent of cases of eye. According to eye experts, cause myopia mainly related to genetic, environmental and physical fitness, nutrition, and health factors. Myopia increases after the holiday, mostly because the children during the holidays watching TV, using the computer too much.

After watching TV for half an hour looking distant

How to prevent holiday child myopia?
Adverse visual environment, reading and writing with low light, close eyes too long, read or write fault is causing important cause of occurrence and development of myopia. Parents should boot children habit correctly of with eye habits, is not direct of strong light Xian or lighting Dim of local reading; with pen writing Chi hand blocked single side sight; walk, and ride, and boat Chi not reading; not near distance writing, and reading; lying bedroom Chi not reading; see TV or playing computer, and Discount Oakleys, various electronic products half hours Hour, appropriate eyes rest or overlooking distance; urged children daily insisted do eye exercises, mitigation eye fatigue.

In addition, sufficient sleep, it is recommended that primary school students to sleep for 10 hours a day and 9 hours of junior middle school students, high school students and 8 hours. Diet nutrition, eat more vegetables, fruits, eat foods rich in vitamin a (such as animal liver, spinach, carrot, apricot, loquacity, etc.), proper collagen fiber-rich food intake.

After confirming the myopia time optometrist

"When the kids at school in the learning atmosphere of tension, come home and relax completely, if the parents arranged for children after school hours, television may become the main or even the only form of entertainment. “Experts say parents must let their children know that the television is just a channel for their information, there are many other ways to understand the world, recommends parents watch what kids are interested in discovery, fostering children's interest, the" transfer "kids on TV's attention. Do more family activities can also take advantage of the holiday, taking the children out in touch with nature, take a look at the mountains, and relax the biliary muscle of the eye.

"If the children confirm that you suffer from myopia, in time to the hospital optometry equipped with Oakley Sunglasses Discount. “Irregular eye experts caution parents not to shop glasses for the kids, not to pursue high vision correction. Children do not lend to each other to wear glasses, because everyone, papillary distance is not the same as the number of diopters, lent each other glasses, eye fatigue and other symptoms, affecting sight, counter-productive.

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