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Benefits of Gymnastics for Pregnant Women

Benefits of Gymnastics for Pregnant Women ( senam ibu hamil ) Pregnant will Childbirth - Pregnant women are advised to stay put through physical activity or light exercise can help pregnant women stay fit during pregnancy. Exercise while pregnant do to keep pregnant women remains good stamina, control weight gain, reduce complaints of sleeplessness, reduce swelling, and reduce the risk of diabetes during pregnancy. Even when entering the third trimester, pregnant women can still do light exercise, one of which pregnancy exercise.

Pregnancy exercise is exercise that is done to train the specific muscles that can help the process of normal birth, such as the abdominal muscles, pelvic muscles and thigh muscles. Usually pregnancy exercise also taught breathing exercises and when to push during contractions.

Pregnant gymnastics movements contain movements that combines breathing exercises, work the heart muscle, relaxation, flexibility / flexibility perawatan bayi.
These exercises can help train the heart and respiratory muscle work, improves blood circulation, strengthen muscles needed when dressing. Muscle stretching and flexibility exercises, will help pregnant women to reduce the complaints of pain in the stomach and buttocks during pregnancy and childbirth process.
Some movement can help reduce leg cramps, sore backs and hips, and even help baby born into the street.
Some even pregnant gymnastics classes teach relaxation session to help mother who usually sleep during pregnancy secret, it becomes easier to sleep.
Benefits can be felt when pregnant gymnastics gymnastics performed routinely pregnant, both in class and at home pregnant exercisers.