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The is the official website of ONIT Schools an educational and skill acquisition institute. We are Nigeria's premier educators and practical skill acquisition provider. We also offer other affiliated services such as maintenance of web resources for various professional education and research associations, publication of books, journals and conference papers including online archiving of conference papers.

Contact us directly for all related information, issues or concerns, and we would gladly offer you the necessary assistance. Also bookmark this page for your easy revisit as we are always updating information on weekly basis.

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How to Save For a Wedding

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How To Save Money on Bridal Bouquets

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2 kinds of Consolidation Loans: Secured Vs Unsecured Loans


Canton sold train tickets 6740000 tickets sold out in multiple directions

The 18 reporters from the Guangzhou Railway Group was informed that, as of January 18th 17, Guangzhou railway group booking by telephone, Internet booking, migrant workers group tickets, student tickets, ticket booking preferential offer centralized, ticket outlets, station ticket window and high-speed rail station vending machine for ticket vending and other 8 channels, in 12 days were sold 6748000 tickets Zhang transport during the spring festi

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