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Welcome To The Official Website Of ONIT College Of Education

About ONIT Schools

The development of this institution started in 2006 with an application to the University of Nigeria, Nsukka to monitor its programmes.however, the take off was delayed due to the NUC policy of affiliation to the university. The essence of the affiliation was to ensure quality control by a highly acclaimed institution. The ONIT is being established to promote the development of human resources, promote relevant research and activities focussed on application of knowledge for the benefit of man. The vision is to provide education for optimum health of the recipients. Optimum Health Education provides for physical, intellectual, spiritual, emotional and social development of the learners.

Today,ONIT has metamorphose in a College of Education and and Institute of Technology hence as a College of Eduction our Objective is thus;
1. To offer courses of study, training and research in Arts, Languages and Sciences; leading to the award of the Nigerian Certificate in Education (NCE) or such equivalent or higher qualifications and such professional courses allowed by law, which on successful completion, candidates will qualify as teachers in Primary Schools, Post Primary Schools or other institutions of higher learning.
2. To promote, through teaching, research and other means, the advancement of knowledge and its practical application.
3. To organize, from time to time, in-services vocation courses, seminars, conferences and workshops for serving teachers and educational administrators.
4. To create facilities for research and dissemination of knowledge with respect to the teaching profession.

As an Institute of Technology;
* Developed a product or process by applying their knowledge of mathematics, computing, systems and development tools
* Participated effectively as a member of a multi-disciplinary development team and undertaken a leadership role when appropriate
* Taken graduate courses or continuing education classes to improve their skills and abilities
* Made positive contributions to their community and society by applying skills and abilities learned during their undergraduate program in computer engineering and systems
* Made decisions related to their work that demonstrate an understanding of the importance of being an ethical engineering professional
* Applied their communication skills to effectively promote their ideas, goals, or products

Since the objectives are fairly broad, it is not expected that every graduate will achieve every objective.