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forming two distinct wonderland

like fire burning, hot water from the top down, a depression Koike hot, like a hell on earth to make low bowwowing. Geothermal let not far from the ice palace to maintain long-term temperature, flowers without the slightest cold ice, forming two distinct wonderland. A bully day took the lead off a bulky clothing, while losing to wipe a sweat, XunXin acquisitive that he lost against heart, did not find one hand is not as he is afraid of heat, just face slightly red. However, there are two trusted really amazed Ice Palace, rich in natural resources, a wry smile feel insignificant, in Baoshan City, people can't help humility. It is sometimes hot and sometimes cold extreme, especially very cold and very hot at the moment are mutually staggered, which filled with a special fragrance, if not taken in time by Lotus refining and Dan, to study military is a fatal wound. And the man did not know, blindly toward a run for the exit. "The Ugg Boots Canada ice palace, I 've always dreamed of Ice Palace, this is my now. " A bully day happy shouted. "You? Then what am I? " Negative side to side of the cold voice, as if from the chilly pandemonium, face grim Yap stood behind him, his eyes glared out the micro convex ground, as if in considering to remove his bones. "You ... ... You are ... ... "He panicked retreat two step, can't believe the world is ugly so evil. "Let me introduce you, Chung jugal stone Yujun, my king. Cheap Ugg Boots " Ignore the two evil eye, Shi Bingji with an easy grace. She never open end, an opening to immediately thought of her use value, a bully day snap of a finger to seal her throat, to the ice house person back, step by step toward the magnificent hall to go. "Would you take her to threaten me? "Shi Yujun bell roar like a, shake day moving is amazing. Letter of PA Tianxin export a Haidi hold amulet. "Unless you don't want her to live, otherwise I will you turn over the ice palace. " "The Ugg Boots big talk, you when I was scared of? " Open mouth laugh, is also a very dizzy, dizzy. "Are you willing to sacrifice her to the ice palace? " Untenable a bully day stumbled. It is on ice with force while Chung jugal to cede power. Shi Yujun's eyebrows a vertical very scary. " Ice ", you don't make me angry very unhappy! " "Elder brother, I am afraid you too lonely,