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beep beep beep input a string of numbers

phone out of my purse., beep beep beep input a string of numbers, telephone dial. The telephone rang a few times by Gu Jiahao answered, she simply told him her downstairs at his house, something to hold on to him, please him down, he immediately agreed without demur. After the completion of the task, she put down her mobile phone, they saw the enemy king to face Funny face staring at her. How? "She asked him. "You put his phone in mind? " " Is recorded in the head, not in heart. " She corrected. " Why do you remember it? " To not want, the ultra hand. " Don't tell me you 're jealous. " Chai Ni one, a faint smile on one's face as he said, then explained: " I grew up on a digital particularly sensitive, once remember the number, is not easy to forget. " " You mean, those with man 's phone number, you still remember? " She kept her laugh, easy to he nodded. Qiu Jing silent looked at her for a moment, suddenly be poker-faced and said: "I will go to my Ugg Boots former girlfriend 's phone number out, back in my head. " " What are you doing? " Some of her dumbfounded. What is this response? The input is not losing. " His answer. She spent the whole people laugh, suddenly can not restrain. Really can't stand him ", would love to tease her! In two people talking and laughing, Gu Jiahao from the apartment door and rushes out, standing outside the gate looked around to find someone. " Is he? " Qiu Jing Q. Chai Ni nodded. "You're the first stay in the car, don't come down. " He quickly kissed her softly, explanation, picked up on the door side locker in the invitation, he opened Ugg Boots Canada the door and walked off, go straight at Gu hao. "Mr. Gu Jiahao. He stopped in front of him. Saw a strange man suddenly appeared in front of him, and accurate to say his name, Gu Jiahao stole some skepticism and defense look. Who is it? " He took the distance a voice tone. "I am the firewood Cheap Ugg Boots Ni fiance, my name is Qiu Qiu Jing. " Qiu to directly indicate the identity. Gu Jiahao micro stiff, facial expression was immediately chilled and hostile covered. What do you want to do? Chai Ni? She is calling me,