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has her beauty, innocence is the world --

he has her beauty, innocence is the world -- only only illusion. Look at her unassuming attitude, listening to her gentle plummy voice, feeling she exhaled breath as orchidaceous, his stiff feel your body can't help burning up, and christian louboutin for men he has the ability to block the front straight into the abdomen, so before a second ago also comfortable pants up tight. " We are like water and fire, separated when live together peacefully, but if the encounter is not you die even if I die, we could never have compatible time. " Zhu Songjie thought about it for a moment after telling him. " Never mind be incompatible like water and fire, our physical compatibility can be, if you don't believe me, we can now to have a try. " Square one's pupils do not turn. Yunyang looked at her, deep eyes without concealing a passion to burst." Don't! " Zhu Song Jie immediately escape one's lips, are more to there was no parallel in history. Speed jumped out of his reach, bell big eyes staring at his discretion. Come here. Fang Yunyang's eyes suddenly somber. Zhu Jie was his sharp loose relentless sounds pale face, she looked at him in dismay, his hands clutching the quilt, can't help recalling to several times before he humiliated, her fear and he did it, because it would be a good pain, good pain. Come here. He again. No, I didn't. Zhu Song Jie forget his command is not rejected, so he started to refuse him, her whole person has to be his lightning speed under pressure in the body, such as a badly frightened person like her eyes closed, stiff as a stone lying in the bed, waiting for his violent outrage. Open one 's eyes. Fang Yunyang in her first ordered. To do quickly do, Zhu Song Jie pray in my heart, did not listen to act on the open your eyes, christian louboutin men anyway end are all the same, she will open eyes, the eyes to see the demons torture? Her clench one's louboutin men teeth, tightly close my eyes. Her face is like waiting for death, death, resignation, helplessness and despair take death calmly, Fang Yunyang had never seen a woman because to go to bed with him and with this expression,