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finally focus on flower on the photograph on sneered

's indifferent look a mess hall, and finally focus on flower on the photograph on sneered, christian louboutin for men " Dad, let me show you burn incense. " Daddy? His call to let loose in the moment of Zhu Jie stare big eyes, even the gasped loudly. This ... ... It's his father 's funeral?! she wond'ring to look at him, cold prevention was hurriedly to force down to the rear, heavy pain hit the ground, " pain ... ... " Her screams completely by a huge roar sound live. " Party Yunyang! " Fang Yunyang flashed furious roar unhurried voice is accompanied by an iron fist. " Even if I am the master here, you don't have to do so much ceremony? " Look for a lost while kneeling down to Wang Qinghan, he is a dig say with smile. " Party Yunyang, do not too much. " Wang Qinghan awkwardly to climb up, patted the dust. " This sentence you should tell yourself only, which is like you so rude to women. " Fang Yunyang came to feel dizzy, body pain Zhu Song Jie, gentle hand pulled her. Do not know why the heart have a regret, regret in just the past Wang Qinghan fist, not heavy reward him a fist. You know what I'm talking about. Wang Qinghan said angrily, " he is also chairman of the board of your father, you who destroy his funeral are where, don't you hate him even he is dead you have refused to let him be quiet? " Peaceful? You please this pile of ensembles to dance and sing, my dad will peace? " louboutin men Party Yunyang around Zhu Song Jie's waist, sneer quipped, " if I will be hard ' noisy ' and ' Peace ' equate words, my dad would be ' good is the godfather of the ' which counts, turn in one's grave to jump out from coffins to common people apologize. " "You have no heart, lung, he is your father! " "Yes, he is my father, so my son now will appear here, do you think I got, nothing to do? Is really so, where did I go to, what to be dead christian louboutin men place, touch your head.? " He is disrespectful to say. " Party Yunyang you put a little respect! " Wang Qinghan couldn't stand it and seized the Fang Yunyang neck warns, and of course Fang Dong for his indignation eighty percent is done in the way people around to see,