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another rises to be harmony

represent the openings, " please indicate. What do you say, that his brothers will not refuse under any circumstances. " Yes. Under the stage immediately sounded as one falls, another rises to be harmony. Fang Yunyang raised a hand, while in the presence of all was quiet again, he coldly looked at the crowd, unavoidable waves warm tide by their hearts to their own will, and clearly feel the man and the woman's affection and loyalty is divided into two forces, with some kind of weird. Fang Yunyang could not say that weird, but he can feel each wavelength different thoughts, which he had never happened before, did his mind-reading and possibilities for growth? Impossible, and if it is so, so early as ten years ago he should have this skill, not in a may ten years later and then enhanced, Cheap Louis Vuitton but the feeling is so strange. He looked at the table of black head, everyone thought wavelength like line, although the tangled mess but start off and finish, he attempts to capture a random thoughts wavelength, and find its source, an idea from the heart come unexpectedly. The seventh chapter " I think a lot of people don't know that three months ago I had a car Louis Vuitton Purses accident, in addition to life a pick up does not come back, my legs a little bit of waste. " Looked at all, he slowly open, deep, rich voice suddenly reverberated in the whole DPUB, and then in his voice is the Jing cry. Fang Yunyang once again raised his hand, let the noisy scene recovery quiet, he condensed face suddenly have no bottom with a smile, deep eyes by watching the audience, is transferred to a fixed position no longer move. He caught Louis Vuitton Sale several special emotional wavelength, such as tension, fear. " In fact, the accident was not accidental, but a deliberate murder, and the murderer is often " he spoke again, cold eyes on people can't believe pumping sound lock on the pale fear of men and women, his lips quirked ghoulishly smiled, "