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" Fang Yunyang smile always lasts.

care. " Fang Yunyang smile always lasts. " I do it for! " He christian louboutin men shoes again, do not believe that the party could see his father Yunyang cruel lay the land once falling. Fang Yunyang face does not care to his shoulder, then pack up no smile smile politely asked him, " now can you please lift your feet get out? " " You ... ... Bear these in mind. I won't let you as one wishes. " Wang Qinghan knew the answer in the case, leaving the firm finally furious hate hate to leave after. The man left the room, leaving the silence, silence was questionable if there is a needle drop can be heard the noise floor, is it right?. Zhu Song Jie still sitting on the sofa, watching from the man left began to stand at the window and motionless staring out of the window of his, the straight but lonely figure heavily mourn people met has an impulse to cry, he crying? If she heard her father passed away, she will cry to collapse, fainting, however he is a man, not only in the heart cry bitter tears crying, especially around a strange woman in time, perhaps She would let him cry all is. She hugged the dog went up to the door, silent room due to her and sends different from the sound of silence. " I wish " However the footsteps have not moved to the door, his cold voice sounded behind me, she stopped to look back at him, he still back to her and stood in front of the window, however cold voice through behind him to hit her. Where are you going. " I go out to walk. " Take a walk? I want to see you run away? " " Run away? " she be rather baffling whispers, suddenly think of something stare big eyes. Oh, she is confused, forgot his own identity and sympathetic to him, she is nearly murdered by his hand, later also be rather baffling was held here, how can she be stupid to christian louboutin mens shoes forget this thing? "Now I know I am late, is it right?? " He turned round, face was christian louboutin mens sad expressions, some just just chill merciless look, but don't know why, she is able to feel him sorrow, that prefectural Huang helpless, let a person quickly To breathe but I do not know what to do. He should have a good cry vent, should not endure ...