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it once again sat back in his chair.

" Don't keep me in suspense, you know the importance of my poor man. " Coach Outlet This would leave Lin Yuyang see in him so impatient 's sake, it once again sat back in his chair. " Poor man had children. " Sorry. Nie Tianluo cannot suppress volume filled the whole room, "who is it? " She had the nerve to have another child! "The day you come to Luo, okay? " Can't stand his unpopular, Lin Yuyang Coach Factory Outlet some regret to this trip. " How can I reason, she was pregnant with another child! " Nie Tianluo screamed at her back. " You ... ... " She really got so angry with him. " It's your kid. " Yes, I am. Poor man child is his? " Yes, so if you really want to save her, had better go in a sorrowful, otherwise soon your child will ask others to Dad. " These words she added, poor man don't want to get married, she just wants to be entertained full moon Coach Outlet Store Online wine. " I won't marry her! " " With you now? " Lin Yuyang shook his head, that just left a woman, not a sigh. " The woman? " " Who? " "For a moment in your bed and prior to the woman, what do you want? " If she cannot forgive days Luo Man. So absurd. Nie Tianluo heavy face, " are you going to tell her? " He is absurd, but thanks to poor man hath, he will be so addicted to wine. " Everyone knows, not be I open my mouth. " Nie Tianluo's name was well known, and is even more ridiculous ridiculous. " I 'll tell poor man. " At the same time, get her to forgive. For him, the women did not meaningful, his heart only pity man. Lin Yuyang comes up to him, " Luo, for your future, you must grasp this opportunity. " She hopes to be able to attend his wedding. " Thank you, yang. " He will go home again sorrowful, even to poor man carried back to Taiwan he would do. He would never let her marry another man, the thought of other men touched her body, anger is burned he cannot think.