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man to avoid the crowd standing in the light is not bright corner waiting for Nie Tianluo to find her there

A sharp look Nie Tianluo and the lady's laughter, poor man to avoid the crowd standing in the light is not bright corner waiting for Nie Tianluo to find her there. Almost too fast for half an hour, she was ready to give up and turn to leave, Nie Tianluo found her, while walking towards her. " Poor man? " He saw that her face is not very good. Off his hand, she was significant stares at him, want to see his heart mind and his purpose. How. Nie Tianluo for her sudden change and dissatisfaction, face suddenly sank. " I want to go back. " She feels like that. " What is the matter with you? " Poor man shakes his head, turns around, accidentally hit the man behind, hurriedly apology: " I'm sorry. " " You Coach Outlet Store Online did it right? " Each breath is bad, Coach Outlet do not seem to want to leave the matter at that. Poor man consciously wrong, had to say: " I didn't mean to apologize. " Nie Tianluo put his pity man in her arms, looking at the woman, so that she is no longer silent state. Let me go. She can't stand the atmosphere here, everyone with hostility towards her, just because she is the woman Nie Tianluo. " I won't let go. " " I really want to go back. " Since he was captured, she felt tired tonight is the night. See her anxiety, Nie Tianluo compromise, ignore all surprised eyes, he led her to leave. The seventh chapter I get into the car, I man immediately from Nie Tianluo hand, will face to the window and refused to face him. Nie Tianluo thought she was tired, and now it seems her story. " Poor man, came to see me! " Nie Tianluo shouted her name, the anger of follow up. Poor man remained motionless, fully paid no heed to his cries. " I Coach Factory Outlet told you to come to see me! " He threw her body pull it over, it was discovered that her eyes have tears. " You cry? " With dismay and distressed mood, he will hold to the leg poor man, softly comfort. How.