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Welcome To The Official Website Of ONIT College Of Education

Vision and Mission

The development of this institution started in 2006 with an application to the University of Nigeria, Nsukka to monitor its programmes. \However, the take off was delayed due to the NUC policy of affiliation to the university. The essence of the affiliation was to ensure quality control by a highly acclaimed institution. ONIT is established to promote the development of human resources, promote relevant research and activities focussed on application of knowledge for the benefit of man. The vision is to provide education for optimum health of the recipients. Optimum Health Education provides for physical, intellectual, spiritual, emotional and social development of the learners.

The missions of ONIT College of Education are to:

• Provide training in technical, vocational and professional courses in such a way that the trainees are able to relate to problems in the Nigerian environments and apply their acquired knowledge in relevant areas of life.

• The training approach is student-focussed, practical, innovative and employment focussed so that recipients at the end of their training will be able to engage in gainful income yielding activities or further their education.

• Students are expected to develop initiatives, independence, resourcefulness and investing spirit required for adjusted life in developing economies

• Courses in entrepreneurship education will be offered as part of the general studies.

• The spiritual development will be provided for in an atmosphere of religious freedom with positive staff guidance.

• Social development will be enhanced through students’ individual and group participation in community development services. It is hoped that these services will inculcate in the students the habit of rendering self-less services to others and for the common good of the society. Moreover, the training approach combines traditional classroom teaching with community service and apprenticeship.

• With knowledge, love and faith, ONIT graduates would have reached a high level of emotional stability and confidence to change the world they are living in for a better world.