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Admission Process

How to apply for Admission


Application forms for admission into NCE programs are available from the office of the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) or from the office of the Deputy Registrar (Academic) of the College, in case of pre-NCE programs.

Alternatively, forms maybe obtained from any other designated place(s) as maybe announced by JAMB or the College.

Applicants must pass a JAMB organized, qualifying examination, after duly completing the application forms. The College reserves the right to dismiss promptly any student who is found guilty of using fake qualifications or false information or document to secure admission.


a. A student shall, on written request, and with the approval of the College Management, be allowed to defer his or her admission to the next academic session.

b. Deferment will be only once and shall be obtained for succeeding year only.

c. If deferment is approved, the concerned schools and department shall be notified by the College academic office.

d. Deferment will be given to freshly admitted NCE students only.

There is NO deferment for pre-NCE students.


a. All students must register with the College at the beginning of every session before attending classes.

b. All fresh students will collect registration materials from the Student Affairs Office after duly payment of registration fees at the Bank, which will ensure that:

- All credentials presented by every fresher are genuine. Where the validity of a document is doubtful, the Admission Officer will notify the student concerned, and demand him or her to defend the authenticity of the document. Failure to do so may lead to the rejection of such student withdrawal of his/her admission by the College.

- All original copies of certificates must correspond with the photocopies submitted earlier.

- A fresher must meet the general and departmental entry requirements.

c. Before registering a student, each Head of Department will certify that the student meets the departmental requirements or that he/she has been duly qualified to proceed into the next case of continuing students.

d. All NCE students must register for courses in Education and appropriate subjects combinations.

e. Registration shall proceed according to the instructions issued by the Student Affairs Office.

f. Failure to register at the beginning of any Academic session will cause the student to be barred from sitting all examinations in those course unit(s).

g. All students must ensure that registration forms duly signed are returned to the Student Affairs Office and other Departments, as soon as the registration exercise is over for the session.


a. All continuing students are expected to complete registration within the stipulated period (to be decided by the Student Affairs Office), after which a grace period may be allowed for students to effect late registration fee, subject to the payment of a non-refundable registration fee.

b. Except in the case of fresh students who can produce evidence of late admission, students’ registration after a stipulated period will attract a "late registration fee".

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